We are a one-stop solution for all your physical and psychological needs where we deal with mental and physical health. Every person is unique and requires a yoga routine that suits their mind and Thus, we design custom plans and programs for diet, exercise, yoga, and meditation.

Under the leadership of Dt. Seema Sharma, a trained professional Yoga instructor and Wellness Coach, we have specialized in Traditional Classic Yoga along with Pre and Post-Natal Yoga, Yoga for the elderly, and post-surgery yogic healing.

We design Detailed Wellness Plans for you!

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  • Yoga

    If you are interested in spirituality, going through surgery recovery or maybe your aging grandfather needs exercise for body flexibilty, feel free to text us on whatsapp.
    All Yoga Asanas & Pranayama are not suitable for everybody, it depends on the physical condition of each individual. “Therefore, WE DESIGN FOR YOU.”

  • Meditation

    We will help you understand the nature of the mind, ways of developing concentration, and inner stability. You will learn about meditation benefits, the process of meditation, the mantras to use, and establish meditation practice at home.
    Happiness is nothing more than a good health. “Therefore, WE DESIGN FOR YOU.”

  • Diet

    Your diet is like an investment fund. It requires constant attention and careful selection to achieve the right balance of nutrients. Hence, we are here to make custom yoga diet plan for your specific body type and its needs.
    Your diet is a bank account; Good food choices are best investment. “Therefore, WE DESIGN FOR YOU.”

  • Healing

    Free from side effects, Homeopathy and Naturopathy are systems to cure diseases without medicines and blend well with our immune system.
    Life is not merely being alive. It’s about living well. Let’s start with help of natural means. “Therefore, WE DESIGN FOR YOU.”



I am a Bronchitis patient since 12 years who regularly uses inhaler. I lacked stamina and suffered nasal allergies. After joining HDN Wellness Centre, I have experienced drastic changes in my body. Now I rarely require inhaler, have built up stamina and got rid of allergies with pranayama.

Anisha Ashar

I was suffering from depression and anxiety for years which disturbed me mentally as well as gave me spondylitis. My doctor advised me to practice yoga so I joined HDN Wellness Centre under guidance of Dt. Seema Sharma. With meditation therapies, I saw marvellous positive changes in my body and her exercises including physiotherapy healed me.

Sunita Vichare

My son lacked in confidence and was shy in front of crowds. He lacked mental clarity and couldn’t arrange his thoughts which affected his concentration power. After joining this yoga class, he learned various yoga techniques and received diet plan custom designed by Dt. Seema Sharma herself. In few months, his confidence and brain power got enhanced. Grades got better and personality as well with a calm demeanour.

Pragnya Mathur

I suffered from osteoporosis and fibromyalgia, and started taking therapeutic yoga and physiotherapy classes at HDN Wellness Centre. Now my bones have strengthened and my body is more flexible than before. My pain has almost vanished. Thank you mam for your proper guidance.

Nikita Yadav

I joined HDN Wellness Centre a year back. It has helped me reduce stress and feel more relaxed besides alleviating my five year-long body pain. My body is more flexible now and her tips have helped me retain my skin glow.

Namrata Pathak

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